Never Enough Space in Ubunutu

There have been several instances in the past, where my Linux root mount will be running out of space. Today is just another instance of it. I was working on building a Conversational Chatbot to help people access my college’s website better. However, the database shuts down, as there is no space.

I start with df -h to get an idea about the available space.

Once that’s done, I go through a checklist

Uninstall any unused programs
sudo apt autoremove - Removes unused packages
Clear up the apt cache with sudo apt-get clean
Linux has a logging mechanism. Over time, these logs could take up quite a lot of space.
    Check the amount of space with journalctl --disk-usage
    Clear old logs with sudo journalctl --vaccum-time=3d
Snaps end up taking up a lot of space as well. They have their earlier revisions stored as well. To clear these, I run a script which is as follows:

# Removes old revisions of snaps
set -eu
snap list --all | awk '/disabled/{print $1, $3}' |
while read snapname revision; do
    snap remove "$snapname" --revision="$revision"

I find the files that occupy the highest space with o du -a / | sort -n -r | head -n 20
I don't do this usually, but if I am desperate and fed up, I delete my old and unused versions of the Linux Kernel

These usually free up quite a lot of space. However, if these doesn’t work, I try extending the partition. Hope I at least get to complete the project right now. I will update this checklist if I find anything new.